Endeavor Communications Board Election Results

On March 20, 2014, Endeavor Communications held Board of Director elections for the Cloverdale and Poland exchanges. Jim Smith was elected to represent the Cloverdale exchange and Doug Youngblood was elected to represent the Poland exchange. The election terms are effective after the Annual Meeting on April 12, 2014.

Digital Citizenship Community Class held on February 27th is now available!

Learn about internet safety tips and best practices when using technology and the internet.
Click here to watch the video

Get Signed Up for Community Classes!

Our next Community Classes will be held February 27 at 3:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. at Endeavor’s Main Office in Cloverdale. This time we will cover Internet Security̶ Stay safe at home and on-the-go! The class will include a presentation as well as a 1-page Internet Safety Tips that outline best practices when using technology and the Internet.

RSVP to Sarah Trammell at 1.800.922.6677 or email her at strammell@weendeavor.com if you would like to join us.

We plan to have many more classes throughout the year such as a technology class to discuss tablets, apps, and all of their features; as well as taking these classes on the road to Atlanta and Poland. Look for more information in upcoming postcards, our website, and LinkedIn.

2014 Director Elections

As a Cooperative, our members have the opportunity to vote for a member they wish to represent their exchange on Endeavor’s Board of Directors. Each Board member serves a 3-year term. The current term of offi ce for the exchanges of Cloverdale, Patricksburg, and Poland will expire in April, 2014. The Endeavor Communications Board of Directors is responsible for providing guidance and leadership for the operations of the cooperative as well as the fi scal and technological growth of the company. They ensure that the membership receives quality service and products at competitive prices. Any Cloverdale, Patricksburg, or Poland exchange member receiving residential telephone service can apply for these positions provided they meet the requirements of Article 3 of the Bylaws. Candidates must submit a Letter of Intent to run, complete a Director Candidate Information sheet, include a current resume, complete and return a Release and Authorization Form for a criminal background check, and obtain signatures of at least 15 exchange members (the forms will be provided in your information packet).

Director’s seeking re-election:

  • James Smith of the Cloverdale Exchange
  • Jack Hauser of the Patricksburg Exchange
  • Doug Youngblood of the Poland Exchange

Persons interested in being a candidate for this position can pick up an information packet from:
Endeavor Communications
Business Office
2 S. West Street
Cloverdale, IN 46120

All completed nomination forms must be postmarked or hand-delivered by February 28, 2014, to the address listed above.

New Indiana (930) Area Code

The areas serving (812) is quickly running out of numbers. To ensure a continuing supply of telephone numbers, the new (930) area code is being added this fall. Calls that were local will still be local; there are no changes to the coverage area or other rates. What will change is the ten digit number will need to be dialed.

Click here for more information on the new area code change.

Congratulations Internet Holiday Promo Winners!

In December of 2013, we held two internet promotions for customers who signed up for or upgraded their Endeavor internet service. Both promotions included a drawing for three $100 gift cards each. We are proud to announce the winners:

Endeavor Communications - Diane Petty

Diane Petty

Endeavor Communications - Sara Flanagan

Sara Flanagan

Endeavor Communications - Brittany Krammerer

Brittany Krammerer

Endeavor Communications - Brandon Gilbert

Brandon Gilbert

Endeavor Communications - Loren Stockrahn

Loren Stockrahn

Endeavor Communications - Andy Young

Andy Young




















2013 Santa’s Workshop

Endeavor Communications - Santa's Workshop

Endeavor Employees and their family helping out at the 2013 Santa’s Workshop in Cloverdale, IN.

We had a great time visiting with Santa Claus this weekend.  It was great to see all of the members who joined us for Santa’s Workshop.  We hope you enjoyed your pictures with Santa, refreshments and the crafts you made. Click here to download your pictures with Santa.

Endeavor Night of Fright Haunted House

Haunted house 2013

The Endeavor Night of Fright Scare Team

So were you scared at Endeavor Manor last Friday?  We had over 300 members join us for our Haunted House where we were able to collect about 20 boxes of food for a local food pantry.  Thank you to all who donated!


Atlanta Bowl-Fest

Atlanta Bowl-Fest

Endeavor members having fun at the Atlanta Bowl-Fest

Thank you to all of our Atlanta Members that joined us for an afternoon of bowling.  We had good food, great prizes-that everyone left with- and a great time getting to know our members.

Endeavor Tailgating at Cloverdale

Cloverdale High School

Cloverdale High School cheerleaders tailgating at the Endeavor events trailer.

Cloverdale Clovers and Owen Valley Patriots Fans had a fun time tailgating with Endeavor at Cloverdale High School. We gave out 100 hot dogs and about 125 seat cushions. Come join us at our next tailgate at South Putnam High School on October 18th.